Preconceptions going down the toilet

‘Mundane moments’ in ‘Preconceptions going down the toilet’, a number of pre-fabricated ideas of mine are put to test and fail. At ‘Mundane Aspects’ of my life, I came across new knowledge that re-shaped my views regarding human behaviour, social interaction, and mostly ‘sensorial knowledge and intimacy’. Some episodes are so mundane which involve beds and toilets (simultaneously). Some episodes depict cultural intimacy scenes (no one is sure about what this means).

‘Shield (against) mundane’ - Disproportionate Collages Challenging proportion- collage on the body - (original garments bellong to the collection of Cristóbal Balenciaga Museoa - ‘Bunny Mellon’ Collection and Museum Archive, who briefed the project.

Translating shape from collage onto the body by layering wadding and foam builing shoulder pads and subsequently translating the overall shape that the collages suggest.