A Living Room

Nunnery Gallery, London 01/2019

‘A Living Room’ is a collaborative work with British-Egyptian architect Moetaz Fathalla. It recreates the domestic scene of a living room and invites conversations on the clash between traditions, migration, regeneration projects and immigrants as Parasite bodies in a host country, using the UK and specifically London as a case study. The living room space operates as the setting were ‘not allowed political conversations’ happen, specifically in countries were the political systems do not/ or did not at points, allow people to openly challenge them. This conversations intersect with the allegedly democratic countries, where capitalist motivations also micro manage the population, and particularly the most disadvantaged groups. Such groups are victims of the increase of land value in cities such as London, being re-located when necessary. The print was materialized through a curtain piece, in light of the Socio-Parasitology Manifesto Exhibition curated by Sabrina Mumtaz Hasan & Rayvenn D’Clark at the Nunnery Gallery in London.