God, my grandma, or myself?

In ‘God, my grandma or myself?’ I appropriate the simbolism of some of the ‘Figures of Respect’ that in the context I grew up could not be questioned, and positioned them analogously with the figure ‘myself’. Here I intend to raise questions about who are the real figures of respect that keep us on track and how much of that respect can be disrespected (as an experiment).

‘I want to be an astronaut’ In opposition to the already known imposed figures, such as ‘My voluptuous auntie’ (above), I suggest children being a figure of respect, and elevate them to a higher level of innocence and wisdom, questioning the authority that admittedly lays on the age of the body.

Generating shapes on Victoria Design development and print placement experimentation stage.

This is a BA project from 2nd year at CSM.
Respectfully collaged with original photographs  by  Jim Naughten and Namsa Leuba.