I think of this drawings, mixed media explorations and prints  as “consexual”challenging and provocative pieces of storytelling that build an extensive narrative  about current affairs and social issues of interaction between people. The work thus, operates as a land for discussion leading to one of my main intents : to educate people, starting from sex education. As  I believe  it can be the starting point to solve social, health, family and poverty issues.

This specific work incorporates and archives a number of previous works such as, ‘’Influential asshole’’ and  “The weight of a big dick”, confronting   values of patriarchy and chauvinism being cultivated amongst  society, with the consequences of such social structures. As it can be observed on the work, I construct characters with elements directly inspired from past in location observation of people and their behaviour.

Examples of such components are:  the plastic basin used by hawkers to carry the goods they sell to sustain their families, the evolving breasts of women that spend most of their lifetime procreating and breastfeeding, the big  and bare feet of the women, mainly heads of household, that walk dozens of miles daily to get by, the white collar worker that invests most of his money and time in looking muscled and attractive for his targets, and finally the big dick, that as bare as the women’s feet, freely procreate.

I am observing, analysing, and discussing this issues. I am not sleeping. African Progressive Kids are not sleeping. African Progressive Kids wear condoms. African Progressive Kids use condoms. Wear condoms. Use condoms.